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March 14, 2011, 11:19 pm
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6 years later - Effects of Discontinuation of Plasma Activated Water Consumption

Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 6:46 AM

UNREAL but TRUE:  6 years later - Effects of Discontinuation of Plasma Activated Water Consumption

The facts are recorded.
By me,
Burt Danet.
There is a Ph.D. after my name.
Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychiatry
Were my specialties.

Training as a
Later as
Helped me
And to learn how to
Record Observations.

So when
Bob Chew
Introduced me to 3 Angels
Hydro Enterprises, Inc.
Inventors of
PAW technology or
Plasma Activated Water and
I began drinking,
What a transformation started to occur.

BUT it is not just observations.
Medical Laboratory and
Diagnostic Testing Data
Before and After.
All shared here!

The FACTS, folks, are recorded:

1.  Drink 3 gallons.
Symptoms of
15 medical diagnoses
Begin to disappear.
rejuvenation begins to set in.

2.  Run out of 3 gallons.
Symptoms start to return
Pain Galore, not again!
25 miles by taxi
Back to the
HEI Laboratory.

3.  Resume PAW.
Symptoms start to leave
Once Again! No doubt now. 
Three months later:

4.  Benefits continue to accrue.
Now what we see is true.
Need to create 3
To describe what we see.

5.  Here they are: 
"Unimaginable Health Heights (UHI)."
"Improvements Upon Improvements (IUI)."
"Benchmark Comparisons (BC)."
It's all there and MORE.

6.  Four Years later. More affirmation.
Can do now what could not do before!
No end to getting better.

7.  Deviate from drinking PAW?
Even another "healthy water?" 9.34 pH?
Takes longer and longer, but
Symptoms still return!

8.  A peer review journal:

Observations on consumption of Plasma Activated Water
Read it in full
Need I say more?

9.  Now 2010. 6 years later.
"Rejuvenation" story
published by PBS!
BUT HEI goes into storage.
PAW not available.
What happens?

First ACUTE pain in neck makes driving a car difficult.
Then eye doctor records INCREASED PRESSURE in eyes (need surgery now?)
And then unexpected return of "lightheadedness," out of the blue, with breathing difficulties.
HAVE to stop walking and recover, just like 6 years ago.
Then decide to stop at the next store to call a taxi to get home.
Fail to see TWO steps going in and trip and fall.
What a
reminder of my brutal history.

11.  NOW:
Bleeding knees.
Pain and stiffness in neck.
Swollen wrists.
Discomfort everywhere.

12.  Would this have occurred
Had I been able to continue
Drinking PAW? 
We may find out
Since flow of water about to
Resume.  Will observe with
The ophthalmologist if my
Eye pressures remain high or decrease
To early better levels when drinking PAW.

13.  Note to HEI sent on 03/29/2010:
THERE IS NO REASON TO DOUBT THE IMPORTANCE OF RESUMING CONSUMPTION OF PAW WATER WHICH HAS LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE AND WHICH KEPT ME FROM HAVING THESE BREATHING SPELLS NOW FOR 6 YEARS, SO thank you for resuming the flow of the water in the next few days so we can provide Dr. Joe Symmon and his wife with 3 or 6 gallons to start whatever they wish.

Respectfully submitted,

Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist (retired)
Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief
Global Toast any time (Water Only Please!)  and



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