The Wonder of PAW

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An 8 year old boy given up upon by the doctors because his hepatocellular cancer had grown so large in his stomach, drank PAW and his tumor kept shrinking till the periodic CAT scans shows that surgery was possible, at which point the doctors gave him 10% chance of survival.  After the surgery, the doctors told the parents they had never seen a tumor more ready to come out of the body, and the boy survived.

An adult woman had her tumor marker go from 1000 to normal after she began drinking PAW.  Her heptocellular cancer shrank 80%.

An adult man in a hospice after doctors gave up on his throat cancer had his daughter when she found out about the water drive from Ashland, Oregan leaving at midnight and drove to where we made water for her.  She turned around and drove north to Sacramento area where her father was in a hospice.  She had the brilliant idea to freeze the freshly made water with a high Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) into ice cubes and gave her father the ice cubes to suck on.  A few days later he left the hospice.  A few weeks later his throat tumor began shrinking.

If your child were given up as terminal, and you knew there was something that might help, what would you do?

We are saving lives across Canada / USA with #7 bottles that do not leach chemicals.

3 months of FREE shipping VIA 2 Local UPS Stores came unsolicited since they recognized this was Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR).
Since then, they cover costs only.

We have had caravans come here for FREE water from Montana to Texas when people in our network learn about the water's properties.

We shipped the water ONCE over the ocean when the only health professional sharing PAW with clients so far ( returned to his native England where he had his mother leave the hospital after cancer surgery, she had acquired not one but 2 superinfections not responding to antibiotics, and at home in a hospice situation, she drank 8 ounces and for the first time, slept thru the night. 

We gave away 400 samples at CELEBRATION OF ONENESS, a 2-day event in Pasadena.  We gave away more samples at Make A Better World Foundation (MABWF)'s First Annual Convention raising funds for Haiti in honor of the Memory of Michael Jackson 06/2011.  Reactions to FIRST TASTES are videod and found on the ABC4All TEAM channel. 

A pregnant woman and now her newborn drank the water, and now we have a 5-month old "Born into a Legacy?  Dad and baby just came by to pick up their next 5 gallons. When the baby drinks PAW his feeding and disposition are great.  When he does not drink PAW, he is cranky, colicky and eats less, crying in between the smaller feeds.

Hundreds of people are consuming this water with reversal of up to stage 4 cancers (shrinking of tumors and reversal of medical diagnoses, including 15 of my own when I was meant to leave the universe in 2003:  Now with the blessing of an extended lifespan, I am dedicating the rest of my life to bringing Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) to the world.  Meanwhile my own sister died of leukemia in a most heinous transition to death that you could imagine, while her brother reversed 15 medical diagnoses including basal cell carcinoma with a history of THREE surgeries!  The world renown dermatologist from UCLA Medical School has been extending the in-between visit checkups and says, "Burt your skin is looking younger, you are doing great, and I will miss you."  I say, "You'll get along without me!"

The volunteer spearingheading our campaign described below is suffering from an illness doctors cannot cure, and when he drinks PAW his symptoms improve.

ABC4All is launching on 04/27/11 the FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR) with a FUNdraising Jazz For Peace Concert at 7 p.m. in Los Angeles at the James R. Armstrong Theatre in Torrance, California (12 miles south of LAX Airport) part of the 24-hour KICKOFF! in every time zone. To get ready here's the Facebook page to like!

CAMPAIGN PREVIEW via ABC4All-TV WorldWide Channel: via 77 satellites circling the globe now w access to cellphone across the world (3/4 of the world's population owns one) and all Internet connection in association with the ABC4All-TV WorldWide Network (AWWN)





WOW! Campaign for Burundi, Africa

COUNTDOWN to 11/11/11



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