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August 9, 2010, 9:51 pm
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The following personal words are "From The Heart."

From "The Water Drop Story" by Joshua Leibow, ABC4All PAW Historian (from his Thesis on PAW):

After tracing the route of a drop of water through all its cycles throughout the world and encountering all forms of pollution and contamination possible, the drop finds its way through the pipes into the Plasma Activated Water Reactor and discovers totally rejuvenated / renewed properties that have been restored to itself when it emerges from the reactor:

"Feeling energized now, both positively and negatively you await your coming opportunities to serve humanity.  Will you, the alkaline water be drunk to re-hydrate and replenish a body that is diseased and degenerating?  Or, will you the acidic water be used to clean hotel bathrooms or sterilize medical instruments?  You can do all these actions and more!  Why?  Because now in a monomolecular state you emanate with live giving charged energy.   Completely naturally, it is just the way nature intended."

"Completely naturally, it is just the way nature intended."  This is truly returning us back to the way uncontaminated water must have been as it rushed down mountains and slopes in the days of the Garden of Eden.  The New Eden, therefore, offers a revitalization and rejuvenation to the planet's occupants (plants, animals, humans) and to the environment.  This will be true whether there is awareness of this upcoming phenomenon or not. 

It seems so right that the most devastated nation in the world is where this ABC4All Global Humanitarian Relief Task Force (ABC4AllGHRTF) creates its first focus of attention offering a demo / model that can uplift a desperately needy nation and show to anyone receptive to look and become aware of the blessings our Task Force will bestow upon the world.

All of the above viewpoint is the result of the outcome of what the experience has been like to have emerge documented medical laboratory and diagnostic data proving, irrefutably, the reversal of 15 medical diagnoses.  The degeneration that had set in was causing failure of all efforts at rehabilitation after a long crusade that had taken place over a 30+ year period.


The rehabilitation crusade actually included the successful restoration of the ability to power walk after a 15-year period of treatment with an innovative practice of "soft tissue manipulation" addressing multiple herniated disks, osteophytes, etc.   In spite of that earlier restoration of the ability to power walk, deterioration subsequently had been setting in to the point of loss of the ability even to walk slowly for half a block (with repeatedly becoming lightheaded and even fainting).  With such deterioration, even 30 doctor visits in one year allowed only for partial relief based on the diagnostic acumen of ONE of the doctors, but even that improvement did not take care of the problems. 

So, when rejuvenation sets in AFTER the battle clearly was being lost for survival, let alone rehabilitation, there emerges a personal revelation in the experience of that rejuvenation that speaks directly to "The Cry Of The World."  We are listening to that cry.  We are caring.  We are sharing.  With the assistance of Ben Mackenzie and his original song, "Lend A Hand," we now go forth with a Global Toast (water only please) and do exactly that -- listening, caring, sharing allowing others to decide if they wish to take part or not:

ABC4All Cares.
ABC4All Shares.
YOU decide.

Lend a Hand 


Better Water, Better World.

A new paradigm for health was created by ABC4All Co-Founder, Robert Chew (whom I can never fully thank for an extended life span, just as I cannot thank the scientists for having the wisdom to recognize the beneficial properties of water that passes by a tube containing a proprietary set of plasma gases). 

Nor can I thank the Chief Scientist who literally personally delivered water to my wife, Marsha, and myself for 2-1/2 years until our joint rejuvenation process then allowed me to go to the laboratory, make the water and bring it home myself without relying on such gracious deliveries!  First I was able to lift and carry 3-gallon bottles.  Subsequently I was restored to health enough to be able to lift and carry 5-gallon bottles of PAW, despite the addition of STILL ANOTHER herniated disk as diagnosed by MRI!

This, then, provided the context within which it became possible to record (a trained psychologist, I know how to observe and record the observations, but there also is backup medical laboratory and diagnostic data confirming the observations and summarized in a peer review article published in 07/2009) and understand observations being made and even coin 3 new terms to describe the phenomena that were being observed.  The Path of 8 Petals offers information about the new paradigm, with specific information detailed in "Rejuvenation."

"Rejuvenation:" A Story on PBS' "Faces of America"
The open letter was the best Marsha and I could do in terms of verbalizing such heartfelt gratitude.

Heartfelt best wishes to all of us and to the world as we look forward to a better world for all, but most importantly, for those suffering and lacking in basics in living with the provision of RELIEF via coming advanced technologies of ABC4All WorldSolutions (water, food, shelter).



Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist (retired)
Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief


***I am in RELIEF. Do you want to be?***

ABC4All Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) 

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Danet, B. (2010). ABC4All Global Humanitarian Task Force (ABC4AllGHRTF). Retrieved from


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