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A Chat with Yuel Bhatti, Local ABC4All / Pakistan Co-Founder that can be with ANYONE in the world!

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Working together to bring GHR to the World!

A message to all members of Global Humanitarian Relief

From Burton Danet/Yuel Bhatti
ABC4All / Local ABC4All / Pakistan
Home for Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)

Yuel Bhatti
Co-Founder Local ABC4All / Pakistan:

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5:46 AM Yuel:
Hi I know you are busy but just want to say thanks for posting message
of UN S.G Ban Ki-Moon and recognition by URI / Pat /  you.
 me: Always ready to hear from you and and to talk to you.

  Are you safe given all the difficult events in Lahore?
5:47 AM We are at heart doing what is needed and work together.

 Yuel: Your dedication and your communication with Monica is inspiring and
good collaboration of promotion of peace by ABC4All as well

 me: She is learning, too, just like the rest of us.

5:48 AM Around 08/01/10, we are launching the major Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) and if you will help with your
referrals that will be outstanding.

 Yuel: Thanks for all caring about me and spreading peace work.

 me: The attorney volunteer who is spearheading the campaign is recovering from an illness
doctors cannot cure since drinking Plasma Activated Water (PAW) 
He wants to remain anonymous.

 Yuel: Yes of course.

 me: We will respect his wish to remain anonymous

5:49 AM Yuel: OK
 me : His idea is that we empower all NGOs/nonprofits to cooperate with The Foundation For
A Better Community For All (FABC) in a venture where a
donation could be US$0.99 (99 cents) or just under $1.00.

  If 1 million to 1 billion people donate 99 cents each, we are going to be home free and
will start with PAW reactors for Haiti, Pakistan, etc.

5:50 AM Yuel: Wonderful
He is arranging for FABC to own the patents and control the technology
so it is in humanitarian hands and no corporation will hoard money and
give little, if anything to charity.

5:51 AM We will return 50% of all donations to a given nonprofit when their members donate to GHR.

  100% of 50% with no expenses deducted.
  This is his inspiration and he wants to remain anonymous...

  But I can introduce you to him.
 Yuel: It is my pleasure.

 me: If we can help people understand that all that is needed is an IMMEDIATE donation of
$0.99, we will work together to bring RELIEF to the world.

5:53 AM and then every one of us encourages each person in our network to do the same, that is, tell everyone and ask
that they, too, donate $0.99, and each tells all their people in their
network, etc., including teenagers and school children with permission
of their parents, etc. and spread this around all the schools of the
world, all the religious groups in the world, etc.

 Yuel: Yes is so nice and with small donation we can change the world. Can we
put on
 me: Then we will be able to get the scientists housed and start creating
preparing reactors we will bring to where the reactors where they are
needed the most (first Haiti).

5:54 AM We have identified 2 cooperating parties who have 6 acres and 26 acres of land in Haiti where we will do a demo.


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