The Global Impact of "Well Water"



(Water treated via Plasma Activated Water Technology)

Bringing Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for the World


by Burton Danet, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (retired),




The reversal of medical laboratory and diagnostic data has been documented to go from positive to negative following the introduction into one's diet of Well Water (water treated via Plasma Activated Water (PAW) technology).

Thus independent medical before/after laboratory and diagnostic data, irrefutable, has documented
"Improvement in Health Maintenance" (IHM).

EXAMPLE:  A woman with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, untreatable, started with a blood derived cancer marker of 1200.  After she began consuming PAW-treated Well Water, her marker kept decreasing until it fell into the normal range, while her tumor shrank 80%.

Many more examples abound.

The medical laboratory and diagnostic before/after data for Burton Danet are shared here: including 2-year and 4-year case reports.

A summary of the
REJUVENATION may be found here.

Formal clinical studies will be done, as funding allows.

If something so simple as
Well Water is already saving lives, do we allow people to die waiting till such study results can be documented?  If so, then based on EXISTING DOCUMENTATION, that is tantamount to allowing people to die (genocide) by those who become aware of this information and are in a position to either explore what is needed and share in the communication necessary to impement the life-saving technology or are actually in a position to facilitate what is needed and do not ACT TO SAVE LIVES:

ABC4All cares.  ABC4All shares.  YOU DecideTM.


Thus ABC4All is gearing up to release MANDATED ACTION for What The World Needs Now:  We are launching soon the FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR). To get ready here's the Facebook page to like!


This is such simple, universally applicable, advanced technology for any water source in the world, polluted or not.  Well Water may be considered to be the equivalent of Dolby technology for sound, that is, a universally applicable water.

Scientific and field application studies of Well Water have ALREADY VERIFIED AND DOCUMENTED SCIENTIFICALLY OF SO MANY USES OF PAW that
no one has to drink a drop of this water to know that this represents Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR).

Please see
"The Uses of PAW" and the Power Point Presentation, Water for the World.

Included in the scientific documentation already available:

    • PAW killed billions of bacteria at a sewage water treatment plant in Redondo Beach, California.
    • PAW kills Anthrax in 30 seconds.

A Thesis on PAW has been written at University of California at Santa Cruz.

peer review article was requested to be written by one of the foremost material scientists in the world studying water, Dr. Rustum Roy.  The paper was then edited by Dr. Roy as co-editor of the Journal, and was then published.  The paper focused on a summary of 4 years of observations which followed the medical laboratory and diagnostic data and was published in 07/2009.

Dr. Roy was FULLY supportive of the value of observations, especially those backed by before/after medical laboratory and diagnostic data, and recognized the value of Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for the world via PAW.

EXAMPLES:  Burton Danet had a stroke in November 2003 diagnosed on MRI as a "pontine brainstem infarct (scar)" visible on the MRI scans.  He began consuming PAW in 03/04.  In June of 2004 a followup brain scan did not show the scar, something the neurologist had never seen.

Previously positive echocardiograms have turned normal.  Most recent echocardiogram:  Ejection fraction was above 70% (normal is 50-65%).

Previously positive EKGs with ST-T-wave changes (requiring administration of echocardiograms, both regular and stress echocardiograms both of which used to be abnormal) have now shown disappearance of the changes and are back to normal.

etc. etc.


Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist (retired)
Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief


Burundi's Campaign: WOW!
A Better Community For All (ABC4All)






Danet, B. (2013). The Global Impact of "Well Water". Retrieved from


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