Sharing Well WaterTM with the World: Ultimate Act of Kindness

November 14, 2010, 5:04 pm
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Water via Universal Peace Calendar by Dr. Wilfried Fink, ABC4All Universal Ambassador (ABC4AllUA)

Sharing Well WaterTM with the World: Ultimate Act of Kindness

Every hear of Dolby sound?  Any source of sound can be enhanced by Dolby technology.

Now we have any source of water in the world, from the most pristine to the most polluted, that can be tranformed into healthy, pure drinkable water by advanced technology called, Plasma Activated Water (PAW).

It is called, WELL WATERTM and is the equivalent of Universal Water.

Dave Gray, President
Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE)  says,

"PAW is not a promise.  It is a blessing."

He knows.  He prepared and recovered from serious neurosurgery on his neck with 40 gallons of PAW-treated water.  Hundreds of people across US/Canada have sampled this water via unsolicited 3 months of DONATED and then discounted Local UPS Store shipping by 2 angel brothers.

Not yet available commercially, this water represents Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) if no one drank a drop.  But human responses show an obvious conclusion: 

Bringing WELL WATERTM to the world is the equivalent of the ULTIMATE ACT OF KINDNESS.



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Burton Danet (Author) wrote: 07-22-2012 13:53:19

The word “kind” is one of the oldest in the English language, going back some time before the year 900. It originally meant “nature.” Kind = nature! ... kindness is natural, of nature. When we show kindness, especially in the face of cruelty, we are wielding the greatest power in the universe—our groundedness in nature. Being kind to unkind others does two things: it keeps us grounded in our essence and it serves as a reminder to the unkind to return to theirs. It is unnatural to show cruelty and meanness. It causes drought within human hearts and our world.