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September 10, 2010, 11:01 pm
Source: Plasma Activated Water (PAW)
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ABC4All Global Toast

Recently Adewole Taiwo, Local ABC4All / Nigeria Co-Founder and President, attended The Presidents Forum with Young African Leaders, during which he received 3 gallons of Plasma Activated Water (PAW). Here are 2 questions and his answers:

What was your first reaction to tasting this water in one word?

"I feel relief as soon as I tasted the Plasma Activated Waster (PAW), I became more energized."
Did you share the water with others?  If so, what was their reaction to it?

"I was able to share the water with some of the participants and even some friends in the US who are not part of the Forum, they all feel the same way I feel and they wish PAW could be shipped to Africa."

Below are some videos of First Tastes of Plasma Activated Water (PAW).  The first video is of Catherine Mayfield, ABC4All Video PanAmbassador and Ben Mackenzie as they taste PAW at the location where Ben's Original Song created for ABC4All, "Lend A Hand," was filmed. Somehow they have a 3-gallon jug of the water! Will they tell us how they came by Plasma Activated Water (PAW)?

First Tasters Hanging Around for PAW!


The rest of the videos were taken during an Entertainment Event by the Make A Better World Foundation (MABWF)'s First Annual Convention raising funds for Haiti in honor of the Memory of Michael Jackson at Universal City, California 06/2010.








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