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Open Letter


to A Team of "Angels on Earth" 



George Paskalov, Chief Scientist

Mark Gorodkin, CEO 

Viktor Sokolov, Director of Research 


"The Walking Miracle Couple"

Marsha and Burton Danet 

Dear George, Mark and Viktor:

The following letter of gratitude, from Marsha and Burton Danet, is written from the bottoms of our hearts. As it is not possible to thank anyone for the return of one's health, let alone for the amount and type of rejuvenation which has occurred in both of our situations, we offer this letter as a symbol of our deep appreciation of the fact that you have made available to us (and to others), without limit, Plasma Activated Water (PAW): http://abc4all.net/paw.htm

Each of us will compose a separate statement regarding a respective personal focus. Please be aware that nothing in this letter of gratitude is meant to be anything but a sharing of information - a description of the phenomena we have, together and separately, experienced since Bob Chew, ABC4All Co-Founder, introduced us to the Team in March 2004. 

Thus we simply report observations and associated phenomena. We do not in any way claim or imply anything other than the fact that, as Dr. Steven Tunnell, when reevaluating Burton Danet in 01/06, has so aptly stated:

"The recent addition of Plasma Activated Water has corresponded to all the previously stated positive changes in his health. 

"I am amazed at the dramatic transformation in Mr. Danet. With Mr. Danet's history of a degenerative spine and the many other injuries, I expected that his physical limitation would continue to grow. I can only say that the changes in Mr. Danet's musculoskeletal condition appear to be miraculous." http://abc4all.net/eval.htm 


If I had to sum up my life in a single word, that word would be, "survivor." Two car accidents 20 years apart forced me to give up my goals and dreams. I had to make a new plan. The injuries I sustained were not going to define me. I carved out a life that was fulfilling, fun and void of bitterness. I have always been a sensitive and compassionate person. I know what it means first hand to live with constant and, at times, excruciating pain. Through the years, I have helped people not as the psychotherapist I intended to become, but as a lay person who could empathize. 

I had chosen not to take medications, always fearful of the side effects. Approximately 18 months ago, I began drinking PAW water starting with the smallest amount I could imagine, 1/8th of a teaspoon. Using that amount as my foundation, I built upon it to where I now consume approximately 48 ounces of PAW water per day. 

Now once again, I find myself having to make another plan. I no longer see myself as a fragile person who needs to structure each day just to get through it. I am now someone who experiences mild discomfort. I am on a permanent vacation from my former self. 

I make no claims to others. I only intend to share my story, and I thank those three men for the miracle they have given to me.


Previously painstaking care was taken to describe evolving phenomena following the introduction of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) into my diet. These observations have been duly recorded at http://abc4all.net/paw.htm and on a number of additional ABC4All websites, most of which can be linked to from the main informational site since originally receiving permission to make such recordings. There are two summary "Case Reports" written 2 years apart, one in 06/04 - 3 months after starting to consume PAW - and one in 06/06, 2 years later. Both of these reports speak for themselves. 

However, the content of those Case Reports, does NOT convey all that has been experienced. Along the way, there has been a coinage of new terms to attempt, at least, to describe, in words, the phenomena being observed that were unfolding. Both of those terms, "Unimaginable Health Heights" and "Improvements Upon Improvements (IUI)" turn out NOT to have been sufficient, fully, to share what has been observed. In recent weeks/months, the observations continue to suggest that there is no end in sight of the improvements that can take place. 

One example will suffice here:

On 09/29/06, I sustained a fall when tripping on a curb during a "power walk" locally. I fell hard, full force, mostly on my right side. I managed to stand up, was quite dazed and had to pause to recover, standing next to a pole for a few moments before walking the short distance the rest of the way home. However, after falling, I immediately felt pain. I experienced a severe "road burn" on the bottom of my right arm that was raw and bleeding. I had additional open bleeding abrasions on both knees. As it turned out, I later learned that I had also severely injured my right shoulder. Subsequent physician evaluations, x-rays and MRI revealed a likely "full-thickness tear" of the right rotator cuff, requiring surgery. There was also a demonstrable (on x-ray) fracture of the right humerus. The fracture caused the orthopedist to hold off on surgery and instead to assign me to physical therapy for 4 weeks to see if there might be healing of the fracture before surgery would be undertaken. In short, since then, the progress / recovery / rehabilitation from these injuries have been so dramatic and have gone so well that, at the present time, instead of being referred for surgery, another 4 weeks of physical therapy will determine if surgery will be needed at all. This has astonished the therapists involved as well as the orthopedist. 

The above example of the ability for quick/dramatic/atypical healing from an injury is only one indicator that the present health condition that has replaced untold suffering, daily and constant pain from head to toe (fibromyalgia) and many other medical diagnoses which were causing a failure for continued effort at rehabilitation to be successful prior to PAW consumption: http://abc4all.net/guiness.htm 

It is with the deepest gratitude, therefore, that I convey heartfelt thanks to the Team for making available this amazing discovery that you have stumbled upon.

Much more importantly, however, I must state the following. Marsha's injuries were always much more serious and thoroughgoing than were mine in our collective history. Even though over the years I have experienced multiple accidents/traumas alone, without Marsha, her condition has always been significantly worse - so debilitating, in fact, that at times I became her sole and constant caregiver while she was bedridden, unable to walk, due to severe exacerbation of sciatica. The original life-altering car accidents she mentions caused profound changes in both of our lives, but hampered her ability to function in the workplace. Her attitude and perseverance to make do despite such personal compromise in living - with an inspiring attitude - have always led me to view her as my hero. These feelings were acknowledged in an original poem, called "Imagine:" http://abc4all.net/imagine.htm 

Neither one of us could have imagined that such a heightened level of improved health would have been realized during our lifetime, given all that we have suffered. Our doctors, including Dr. Steven Tunnell, referenced above, have stated that they are observing what can only be described as a "miraculous recovery." 

The fact is, there are no miracles here. The scientific basis upon which PAW was discovered and studied, well before any observations have come in regarding phenomena which have occurred subsequent to personal human consumption of PAW, suggests that not a stitch of clinical information (such as is currently being studied by herbalist and scientist John Butters http://abc4all.net/butters.htm) is needed to know that PAW offers myriad benefits for the world. 

What never crossed my mind, however, was that it would be possible for Marsha to reach the level of health height she now is describing some 18 months later after she began consuming PAW. 

Marsha’s recounting of her developments is equally shocking/astonishing to her husband of over 41 years. Her slow but steady acclimation to the water involved a gradual, but ever-increasing phenomenon described by her over the many months since she has been consuming the water. Most recently, however, she has been confronted, repeatedly, by various "benchmark" experiences that attest to the changes that have been occurring for the better. Such comparisons of how Marsha has had to deal with certain events that have been accumulating, one after the other, has caused her, also, now to be confronted with uncontestable proof that her clinical condition has been continuing to improve over time. To go from such severely debilitating, constant daily suffering to "mild discomfort" never would have been predicted by anyone. For her to regain the ability to achieve stamina in living permitting resumption of activities she has not been able to do for years is something to behold. The confrontation for the better has produced a profound emotional reaction that has included tears of joy and astonishment in both of us. While overwhelming at first, such reactions are becoming part of everyday reality for two people blessed and privileged to have available PAW to drink in unlimited amounts for so long now.

To end this letter, it is necessary to make the following statement:

All of the above descriptions in both our situations suggest it is not yet known, in terms of potential global impact of this new type of water, what the untold future benefits to humans, plants and animals will be possible with the consumption and use of Plasma Activated Water in its myriad applications (http://abc4all.net/pawsummary.htm) What we do know, however, is: 


We do not know, as well, the potential for Cultural Unity that PAW may offer for the world. We must find out the answer to such questions: http://abc4all.net/culturalunitypotential.htm 

Respectfully and ever-so-gratefully, 

Marsha and Burton Danet, “A Walking Miracle Couple”