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Imagine being involved in a life-altering automobile accident shortly after your marriage at age 22, causing injuries that prevent you from being gainfully employed outside the home for the remainder of your life.

Imagine some years later suddenly, with no advance warning, developing polyarthritis affecting every joint in your body and causing debilitating pain, stiffness and swelling.

Imagine being “treated” by doctors who prescribe massive doses of aspirin that cause a gastric ulcer. 

Imagine developing degeneration/compression in many neck/back vertebrae and some natural fusions.

Imagine receiving predictions of becoming wheelchair bound.

NOW IMAGINE a woman who, in the face of all the above, maintains a forward and optimistic view of life even given her “challenges,” as she calls them.

Imagine defying all predictions and avoiding any prescribed surgeries and even worse, the anticipation of all suggestions she will become wheelchair bound.

Imagine finding an alternative health care practitioner who actually can help and provide ongoing treatments offering a new lease on life.

Imagine taking health supplements that, in fact, offer health boosts that diminish debilitating symptoms in spite of existing physical injuries/conditions previously considered untreatable.

Imagine a woman whose sense of humor and smile are both infectious and endearing.

Imagine a woman who cares for others selflessly and always is ready to give.

Such a person is both my hero and my wife, and her Name is

Marsha Lynn Danet.

By Burton Danet